Michele Hilton spent formative years in some of the world’s most vibrant cities, sparking her intrigue for interior design means to achieve wellbeing.  

After completing her degree in Art History and Psychology, Michele moved to New York for an unlikely start in wealth management before transitioning to big advertising and management roles in the design realm.  For over a decade, Michele finessed her unerring eye for detail and production experience on impeccably-styled interior shoots for some of America's most venerable home décor brands from Martha Stewart's soft furnishings to Sotheby's luxurious antiques, before setting up her style consultancy.

Sustainable luxury interiors remain at the core of her "timeless design" ethos, whether classic with an edge or warm modern fusing textural finishes and signature pieces that transcend trend, executed with an American sense of pragmatism.

With a studio in Guernsey, her regional Channel Island and holiday home clients benefit from a fresh perspective on furnishing schemes and professional access to the industry's most relevant furnishing brands.